Piazza del Mercato


In the past was the heart of all activities of the Town , in fact in the Market Square lied the CURIA. This Senate House was near to the main gate called PORTA CIMINO. Here have taken place whether the market or the public assembly.

Not far from the place were the stronghold and the new Church with a holy reliquarysaved from the old sanctuary in the valley. There were two main doors opened on a Market Square, the first linked S.SEBASTIANO to the stronghold were lived the Lord of the manor and his garrison.The second instead called CIMINO leaded to the vegetable gardens down to the stronghold. In this animated place will grow during the end of the Sixteenth Century a new quarter called LA CONTRADA DI CORTE. Afterwards most of the noble families of the town resided in the Market Square, basic place for the life and the trade of this small town, like a memorial tablet near the square aforementioned.

L'arco della Rocca con l'antica curia comunale Via San Pietro - Sotto la Piazza Via San Pietro -  sotto la Chiesa Vicolo del Campanile - contrada Chiesa
Piazza del Mercato in Villa Santo Stefano - cartolina anni 1970



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